Update May 18


Many of us, fortunate ones, remember a time when a teacher believed in us and challenged us to grow. Right?

We believe every child’s best is yearning to be discovered and we are on a mission to open for every child a world of opportunities that most who are fortunate take for granted. We bring the magic of great education to our students by developing educators’ capacity to nurture the whole child and leveraging technology to reach every student.

The program offers online lessons to children who can’t afford quality education. The lessons are taught by highly effective teachers who are committed to students’ growth. The program started in 2017 as a proof of concept and is currently expanding to reach more students next year.

Are there children in your lives to whom you want to give the gift of education? If yes, write yes in the comments and I will reach out to you. To find out more about the project, all write yes and I will share more details with you.

Thank you for helping to empower our children to create a life beyond their dreams!