Mohamed’s career spans 5 decades in 3 phases. The first phase was 2 decades long and focused on engineering research, education and consulting. After completing his doctoral degree, Mohamed started with a highly competent, Toronto based specialty firm of structural engineers. After 10 years with the firm, Mohamed was drafted to lead it. The 2nd phase focused on guiding the transformation of the firm to a profitable, dynamic, diversified version of itself in its professionalism, integrity and ethics. In the decade Mohamed led and guided the firm, it grew sevenfold and was well on its way to becoming the leading North American firm it is today. The 3rd phase is focused on enterprise leadership and entrepreneurship.

Mohamed is capitalizing on his capacity to thread together marketing; technology; law; management and finance into functional businesses with coherent business plans. He built the first electronic payments services provider in Egypt. Just over a decade after its incorporation, the company was acquired by the Central Bank to serve as the national debit switch. The firm spawned a subsidiary in partnership with the Min of Finance to serve as the payments processor for GoE. As well, it supplied the local market with competent payments specialists and ideas for services that resulted in the start-up of 2 major specialized bill payments and remittance service providers.

Then, Mohamed partnered with a commercial bank in a special purpose management vehicle, which helped streamline the bank operations and acquire the needed core banking system. The work resulted in 50% reduction branch operating expenses while customer peak day wait times were reduced by nearly 95% and customer satisfaction improved dramatically. Following this, he served as non-executive Chair of an electronic commerce platforms start-up. Mohamed is currently guiding 2 other start-ups.

Mohamed was an active member of professional and consulting engineering professions in Canada and served as Lieutenant General Appointee to the Trustees of Professional Engineers Ontario and served as Director of Consulting Engineers Ontario. He served on the boards of a number of enterprises including Egypt Post.