Robert works with academic organizations worldwide to help develop programs that enable students to realize their full learning potential while best preparing them for the global workforce and to become active participants in our global society and economy. He applies business, academic and technical acumen especially in areas of entrepreneurship and innovation where research, development and incubation of ideas and concepts transform into mainstream reality and usage.

Before focusing on education for the last 11 years, Robert was responsible for Intel’s High-Performance Computing effort in which he worked with national academic organizations and industry to develop solutions to solve complex, computationally-intensive problems in automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutics, finance, geophysics, astrophysics, quantum physics, genomics, atmospheric modeling, and others.

Prior to Intel, Robert was a chief engineer for NASA/JPL’s Deep Space Network and was responsible for earth-based communication with non-terrestrial spacecraft. He also developed and taught software engineering and systems architecture courses at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).